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PM IT Solution is leading one of the best cyber security institute in Jaipur. Providing the Ethical Hacking course in Jaipur, our course content includes Information gathering, Windows, Linux hacking & security, DOS – attack, Hacking by viruses, Google hacking, Wireless hacking, Web Application hacking, etc. We cover all topics practically and provide  industry-oriented ethical hacking certificates.

We have top cyber security industrial experts/trainer, We provide live project based practical courses and focus on each and every student, Our ethical hacking classes available online and offline, You can join any class according to you. And grow your career by learning cyber security course in Jaipur at PM IT Solution Training Academy. 

Cyber Security Course Structure

  • Ethical Hacking Overview

    Short description about hacking vs. Ethical hacking, Skill Profile of a Hacker, Some Famous Hackers and Groups, Types of Hackers, Skills required for an Ethical Hacker

  • Network Concept

    What is Network?, Network Topology, Internet working, ,Domain Name, Server, Ports and Types of Ports Ethernet, Internet Protocol, IPv4, IPv6, Introduction to Web Browser

  • Computer Virtualization

    Requirements for virtualization, Creating virtual machines and optimization performance, Installing OS On Virtual Machines, Virtual networking what and why?

  • Scanning Networks

    Types of Scanning, TCP Communication Flags, Objectives of scanning, Scanning Techniques, Scanning Tools, Website Vulnerability Scanning, Port Scanning Techniques,

  • Information Gathering

    Types of Information Gathering, Ping, Who-is Lookup, People Search, DNS Lookup, Benefits of Foot printing, • Information Gathering Using Websites/Software

  • Mobile phone Hacking

    Use of mobile in hacking, Hidden function of mobile, Android Phone hacking, Backdoor Attack , Android Phone Rooting, Password Cracking, MITM, Deleted Data recovery

  • Windows, Linux Hacking

    Introduction Windows Security, Attacks and countermeasure, Changing Passwords, Getting Access to System, Bypassing the Windows Security, Finding Out the Passwords

  • Steganography & Cryptography

    What is Cryptography, Types of Cryptography Cryptography Tools, Code Breaking Methodologies, hash function, how to crack hash

  • DOS Attack

    What is a Denial of Service Attack?, What is Distributed Denial of Service Attacks?, DoS Attack Techniques, Detail Study on DoS Attack Tools

  • Wireless Hacking

    Wireless Standards, Common Vulnerabilities in Wireless Devices, Encryption Standards Used in Wi-Fi, WEP Cracking, WPA/WPA2 Cracking, WPS Cracking, Solve Security challenges

  • Viruses, Trojans, Keyloggers

    What is viruses, Trojan?, Trojans/viruses Attack, Different way a Trojan Can Get into A System, Bypass Your Antivirus By Trojans

  • E-mail/Social Sites Hacking

    Session Hijacking, Phishing Attacks , Analyzing Fake & Real Profiles & Email Accounts,Fake Mailing Attack, Facebook Phishing Attacks

  • Google Hacking

    Choosing Best Search Engine, Google for Hacking Search Engines, Finding Admin Pages and Weakness in Site , Security against Search Engine

  • Security

    Facebook/Instagram/E-mail Account Security, Website Security, Wi-Fi network Security, WhatsApp Security, Android phone Security, Operating System Security

  • SQL Injection

    SQL Injection Attacks, How Web Apps Work?, SQL Injection Detection, Types of SQL Injection, How to Defend Against SQL Injection Attacks..??

  • Cyber Crime Case Study

    Introduction to cyber crime and investigation, Internet Crimes and Frauds, Cyber Law Cases in India, Types of cyber crimes, Investigation Rules, many more case study, IT ACT 2000 & 2008

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  • Students (10+2)
  • Graduates(Any)
  • Working Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businessman

Benefits Cyber Security Course

  • Enhance Your Skills and Creativity

  • A Wide Range of Career Options

  • Become Certified Ethical Hacker

  • A Chance to Work with Secret Agencies

  • A Degree in Cybersecurity Equals Job Security

  • Cybersecurity Professionals Earn High Salaries

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We provide the 95% live practical classes, We focus on project based training.

We have highly qualified and experienced cyber security experts/trainers.

We provide you most trusted ethical hacking tools for lifetime free.

We provide 2 months internship program.

After completing cyber security course, We provide 100% job placement in the top reputable IT companies.

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