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Python Language

Duration:Two Months

Course Level: I

Modules to be Covered:-

  • 1. Python Introduction

  • 2. Python Syntax


  • 4. Variables

  • 5. Data Types

  • 6. Numbers

  • 7. Casting

  • 8. Strings

  • 9. Booleans

  • 10. Operators

  • 11. Lists

  • 12. Tuples

  • 13. Sets

  • 14. Dictionaries

  • 15. If...Else

  • 16. While Loops

  • 17. For Loops

  • 18. Functions

  • 19. Lambda

  • 20. Arrays

  • 21. Classes/Objects

  • 22. Inheritance

  • 23. Iterators

  • 24. Scope

  • 25. Modules

  • 26. Try...Except

  • 27. User Input

  • 28. String Formatting

  • 29. File Handling

  • 30. Read Files

  • 31. Write/Create Files

  • 32. Delete Files

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Benefits of Python language course


Easy to Read, Learn and Write.

Improved Productivity

Interpreted Language.

Free and Open-Source

Vast Libraries Support

Who can join Python language Course?

There are no specific criteria to join a Python Language course. Anybody who wants to grab knowledge can join this course. For Example -

  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Working Professional
  • Entrepreneurs
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Practical Classes

Our classes are based on practical knowledge.

Qualified Trainer

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13+ Certificates

We provide 13+ certificate courses.


We provide job-oriented training. And we also provide placement chances to our students.

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Python language course in Jaipur

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