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Web Design Course

Duration:Three Months

Course Level: Advance

What You Will Learn


In this section you will learn History of HTML, HTML Tags, HTML Element, HTML Attributes, HTML Basic Tags, HTML Formatting Tags, HTML Colour Coding, Div and Span Tags for Grouping, Unordered List, Ordered Lists, Definition list, HTML-Table, HTML-Iframe, HTML-Form, Introduction of java script, Syntax of java script, External & Internal using, Variables of java script, Operators of java script, Functions of java script, Events, Comparison, Condition, Loops JavaScript – Form Validation, Form Validation Introduction, Regular Expressions – introduction, Regular Expression – Syntax, Text , Number , Space & Special character validation using Regular Expression, Email Validation using Regular Expressions.

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In this section you will learn different topics of CSS Such As Benefits of CSS, CSS Versions History, CSS Syntax, External Style Sheet using, Multiple Style Sheets, Value Lengths and Percentages CSS Syntax, single Style Sheets, Multiple Style Sheets, Value Lengths and Percentages, ID Selectors, Class Selectors, Grouping Selectors, Universal Selector, background-image, background-repeat, background-position, background-colour, text-decoration, text-align, vertical-align, text-indent, text-transform, white-space, letter-spacing, word-spacing, line-height, font-family, font-size, font-style, font-variant, font-weight, list-style-position, list-style-image, list-style.

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In this section you will learn PHP Basics - Introduction ,XAMPP & WAMPP, Configure php.ini, PHP Syntax, Variables, Strings, Constants, Operators Echo / Print, If, Elseif, Switch PHP Basics, Loops, For, Foreach, While, Functions, string functions, introduction, user defined functions Strings & Patterns, Quoting, Matching , Extracting, Searching, Replacing, Formatting, Arrays-Introduction, Array syntax ,Array Index, get length without using pre-defined functions, Array push and pull, Associative arrays, loop through arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Array functions, Array Sorting without using pre-defined functions Date and Time, Date and Time, include, require, PHP Form, $_GET , $_POST , $_REQUEST ,File Upload Session, Sessions – introduction, Start a PHP session, session variables, modify session, destroy session Cookies, Cookies, Start a PHP Cookies , Cookie variables, modify Cookie, destroy Cookie Try….Catch, Error handling , try-catch-throw, Exception, Filters, Filers Advanced OOP’s Concept, OOP's – introduction, Classes and objects, Constructor & Destructor, Inheritance, Static methods and properties, Methods overloading, Abstract Class & Interface MySQL, Introduction, database, CREATE, ALTER, DELETE, DROP tables, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE table datas, WHERE conditions , AND, OR, IN, BETWEEN, LIKE,DISTINCT, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, UNION, Sub-queries, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, INNER JOIN Database Programming, PHP & MySQL , PHP MySQL functions, one-tier architecture, two-tier architecture three-tier architecture File programming, File handling, File Open/Read, File Create/Write, File uploading and downloading.

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In this section you will learn Installing WordPress, Logging into the WordPress Admin General, WordPress Settings Editing Your Profile, Setting Your Profile Picture, Posts versus Pages, creating a New Blog Post, Using the Visual Editor, Pasting Without Formatting & Clearing Formatting, Formatting, Headings Formatting Bulleted & Numbered Lists, Formatting Blockquotes, publishing a Post, deleting a Post, Restoring a Post from the Trash. Status, Visibility, Publish Date & Time, Adding the Read More Tag, Changing the Text in the More Tag, Linking to Another Website, opening a Link in a New Tab, linking to a Page Within Your Site, Editing & Removing Links, Adding an Image to a Post or Page, Editing Images, Media Settings, Adding a Featured Image, Uploading Images & Files Directly Into the Media Library, Editing & Deleting Images in the Media Library, Deleting Unused Images, Adding an Image Gallery, Adding Video, Categories, Tags, & Reading Settings, Widgets, Making Pages, Menus, Installing Themes, Customizing Theme Appearance, Changing the Template Layout for a Page/Post, WordPress Plugins: About, Installing, & Updating.

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Benefits Of web design and development Course


You can do freelancing projects

In web development
you can easily get the project on freelancing.


You can learn in a short period of time

These technologies are easy to learn so, you can learn these technologies in short period of time.


You can earn money in a short time

In this field you can easily get the short projects, so if you are a skilled person so, you can easily earn money in short time by these projects.

Who can join web design and development training?

There are no specific criteria to join web development course. Anybody who want to learn can join this course. For Example -

  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Working Professional
  • Entrepreneurs
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Practical Classes

our classes based on practical knowledge.

Qualified Trainer

we have qualified teachers, those have good familiarity of domains.

100% Job Placement

we provide job-oriented trainings. And we also offer the placement chances to our students.

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Website Design & Development Course in Jaipur

Nowadays there are many technologies are available. And if you are expert in any technology so, it increasing your chance to get a better job. For getting better job academic knowledge is not enough, for getting better work you need to increase practical knowledge. So, if you want to peruse your career in Website Design & Development, and you want to gain practical knowledge and search an institute for this so, what are you waiting for, PM IT Solution provide the best training of Website Design & Development in Jaipur. We have trainers who have good familiarity of particular field. We include complete syllabus in our training, which is necessary to the website design & development.

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