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Developing a Game App Like Ludo How Much Does it Cost

Ludo game development and the cost varies depending upon the user experience and the engagement level. It is a digital age, and technology is ruling the world. This generation wants everything encompassed in their handheld gadgets. Here we are mainly talking about applications.

It is essential because the audience is addicted to playing games. And this target audience is children to adults. They like to play all sorts of games, and one of the most popular games is Ludo. It is the most liked game by families and groups of friends to kill time. And in today’stoday’s digital world, this game is available on handheld gadgets and desktops. Here we will be shedding some light on what this game is ( as an application) and how much it costs to develop this game app.

What Exactly is The Ludo Game Application?

This classic board game has become an application that can play on Android, desktop, and iOS. It can play as a single-player against a pre-programmed framework or as a multiplayer.

The application focuses on providing real-life experiences with the same feel as the ancient classic game. The dice, a program with many permutations and combinations, lets you try your luck by rolling the dice.

The application can be designed as required, with options to play with remote players and a chat option wherein players can converse with each other.

The application is easy to download with as much as 50 MB of space. You have to log in with your credentials and are ready to play. It also lets you create your avatars which makes it more engaging.

Features of The Ludo Game App

This game application has many features and lets you explore and play with various options.

Online as well as Offline mode

Online mode lets you connect with players worldwide and play in real time. But the best feature is that you can even play the game offline if you wish to without connecting to players online.

Challenge mode

This mode lets users create their playing room where players can join by entering an 8-digit code. It is simple and lets you personalize your playing experience.

Chat with players

While playing with other players, you can chat with each other using a chat feature, which makes the game more interesting.

Earn rewards

You can even earn rewards as you get an expert in the game and increase your points. Like many other games nowadays, the earning feature can be added as required.

What are the admin panel features?

Some of the user admin panel features are:

  • Managing tournaments
  • Block reported users
  • Managing chat feature
  • Credit or debit coins to user accounts
  • Record of the past and ongoing games
  • Parameters for marketing and sales

How much does it cost to build a Ludo game app?

A rich Ludo game development takes 2-4 months, and the cost varies depending on the user experience and engagement level. It also depends upon the various designs and interfaces used in the application.

The cost starts from a minimum of 2 lakhs and increases per the added functionalities used. But to get a decent app with all the power-packed features, you may have to spend around seven lakhs.

Final thoughts

The craze for classic Ludo games is ever-increasing and has proved addictive to kill time with friends and families. The game has reached users worldwide as an application that can be played on handheld devices or desktops. With n number of gaming apps developed daily, Ludo has maintained its popularity and become an engaging game.

Suppose you want to develop a Ludo game and looking for a Ludo game developer. You can get in touch with us. We at PM IT Solution are a leading Ludo game development company; we have experienced and well-educated Ludo game developers. It’sIt’s always a good time to invest in a game application like Ludo and make it successful.

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