Rummy Game Development Company

PM IT Solution is a leading Rummy Game Development Company providing the best and most efficient Rummy App Development services for your gaming business. Our team of developers offer rich rummy game applications, websites and softwares.

Rummy game development Services

Rummy Game Development Services

Rummy game development Service

PM IT Solution offers the most efficient Rummy Game Development services that are customised as per the needs and specifications of your business.

The Rummy games that we develop are fully customisable be it branding and features or functionality. Our team of rummy game developers offer the most effective game development services at the most efficient prices.

Rummy comes among the most popular games which are famous among individuals of all ages are those involving cards. According to the findings, the Rummy game app is the most attractive.

Rummy game Development Solutions

Rummy comes among the most popular games which are famous among individuals of all ages are those involving cards. According to the findings, the Rummy game app is the most attractive.

You can enable your game enthusiasts to have the great fun of a rummy card game with the real money feature in which their skill and hard work will not only help them in beating the other players but will also help them in earning real money from game.

After everything, we can conclude that simply developing the app is insufficient, you also need to hire the best rummy game development company. We are a well-known company for rummy game development. Our rummy game developers' experience allows us to produce the best rummy games ever.

Rummy game development solution

What is an online Rummy Game?

An online rummy game enables you to use the feature of the game which is you can play rummy on your mobile and win/earn real money. Rummy game developers like PM IT Solution are among the best in the industry.

Our original ideas, strategies, and features are incorporated into our rummy games to give them a realistic feel. We have a team of skilled and qualified rummy game developers who have built a variety of real price rummy game applications that provide a steady source of entertainment for customers all over the world, thanks to their quality perception and exceptional teamwork.

Rummy Game Development features

Rummy Game Development Features

It’s your turn to begin your real money rummy game app to experience the thrill of playing for real money. Allow the rummy enthusiasts to take part in the fantastic and joyous fun of a rummy card game with a real-money component, in which their skill and hard work will not only help them beat the other players but will also help them win great rewards.

Rummy Game Development features

Point Rummy

Rummy Game Development features

Deal Rummy

Rummy Game Development features

3. Online Pay

Rummy Game Development features

Private Tables

Rummy Game Development features

Multiple Languages

Rummy Game Development features

Anti-Fraud System

Rummy Game Development features


Rummy Game Development features

Lobby View

Rummy Game Development features

Types of Rummy Games

Among the most well-known Rummy game developers are companies like PM IT Solution. We've produced a range of Rummy Games, each with its own set of features and functionalities, using the Rummy Game development skills of our team members. We are committed to offering the best available solutions to our customers. Every job is undertaken with the intention of exceeding your expectations.

It is a variant of 13 cards where the players play for points with a pre-decided value. It is one of the most popular and the fastest variant of rummy games.

Points Rummy

In this, the players pay a fixed entry fee that goes to the reward pool of the game. We offer numerous kinds of Pool Rummy games.

Pool Rummy

The players can match cards played with three decks of cards. It is based on making sets of three or more matching cards of the same rank, trials and suits.

Marriage Rummy
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Speedy Development

With our speedy and perfect rummy Game app, website, and software solutions, your game will be provided to you in the shortest period of time and at the most affordable price possible.

Proper Evaluation

The initial stage in the process of our rummy game development is to evaluate your concept and requirements. After that, the software is customised and developed. After that, the app is equipped with all of the features and functions.

Focus on user experience

We adhere to user experience principles and user-centred design while integrating strategy, design, and development. A combination of quality perception and teamwork has resulted in the world's greatest base of satisfied clients for us.

rummy game development

Expert team of developers

We have an extensive experience with various online business models and developed rummy game apps for reputable gaming companies.

Visually appealing games

We Create a Rummy gateway that is secure, visually appealing, and simple to operate.

Ease for users

With our Rummy online solution, we are able to create a game that is both entertaining and easy to use. The rummy games developed by us are completely safe and is a high-quality gaming portal where users may have a good time while playing.


Our major objective is to provide all of the necessary modules to enable a large number of players to play and enjoy the game fast and safely. We make certain that you stand out from the crowd of gaming websites and applications by guaranteeing that you obtain the best online portals and applications available to you as a client..

We are staffed by a dedicated group of highly qualified web developers and online marketing professionals. Because our professionals will take care of everything, you can sit back and relax. It is not enough to simply write code, add images, and give over the finished product to the customer, we also ensure that the app runs smoothly and without issues throughout its life cycle. As a result, we test our applications in a range of environments and scenarios before releasing them to our clients. Exceptional quality and teamwork have enabled us to amass the highest number of delighted clients throughout the world.

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