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Simplify your inventory management software. We are ready to provide you with a unique solution based on best practices. PM IT Solution cloud software can automate inventory management and provide detailed analytics reports. Our team offers software development services that allow you to save time, money, and effort.

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Management and Maintenance

Asset maintenance management software can help keep your business safe and operational. The cloud-based software tracks assets and their condition. It allows companies to plan the replacement of aging devices. With a complete overview of your help and its costs, you can make in repairing repair decisions or replace a piece of machinery and avoid costly breakdowns.

Track Acquisition and Sales Funnel Data

A good inventory management tool allows you to keep track of acquisition and sales funnel data to see how sales are coming along. It also enables you to monitor your inventory levels across different channels. This way, you can keep track of sales without requiring many other tools.

Predictive maintenance

Your custom asset management software allows you to track every part and piece of your assets to monitor their use. Using our predictive analytics, you can quickly see when maintenance is needed, so you can react before any significant issues arise. Prevent expensive breakdowns and keep your company moving with Predictive Maintenance software.

Mobile access

You can access your data via mobile, process orders, check delivery status, and respond to customer inquiries. Workers can access all the information they need to do their jobs on-site. Not only will the worker be able to access the information they need to do their job, but they will also be able to capture the relevant information they need.


Tracking is an inventory and asset management software that uses tracking technologies such as RFID, barcodes, and other additional technologies to provide real-time information on the number of items available, the status of each item, and the location of each item. Ideal for tracking both equipment and inventory, Tracking is the most efficient way to manage your assets.

Analytics and Reporting

The Asset Intelligence solution provides intelligent, flexible, and secure analytics, reporting, and data visualization tools for asset managers to plan, operate, and optimize their assets and businesses. Asset Intelligence makes it easy for asset managers to access the data they need and allows them to build their reports in a self-service manner.

Logistic Service

All businesses require logistic support to move the goods between warehouses, offices, and customers. It can be very complex to manage the logistic process if each person involved in it is using a different system to manage the process. PM IT Solution provides an easy-to-use service to manage logistic processes. All you need to do is to install our mobile application.

Empower Constructors

PM IT Solution is an all-in-one work order management solution that allows you to track work requests, streamline workflows, and control project costs. Complete work order management will enable you to create work requests in minutes rather than wasting time on inefficient, manual processes.

Benefits of working with Us?

We use latest technology for the latest world because we know the demand of peoples.

Reduce Inventory Costs

Small businesses can invest excess funds in other aspects of business growth rather than dedicating funds towards inventory management. In addition, inventory efficiency is increased because data is updated in real-time. Thus, it is easier to forecast and make purchases.

Better Inventory Planning

Provides end-to-end inventory planning services to customers, empowers inventory managers to carry out their job more efficiently, and improves inventory planning controls by creating industry-specific inventory planning solutions based on business requirements, collecting and analyzing order and inventory information, and creating industry-specific reports and graphs.

Motivated Staff

From now on, you and your staff can focus on core operational tasks and responsibilities. At the same time, OmniPeek stands in the background providing the data your organization needs to ensure progress and keep everyone engaged and motivated.

Organized Data and Better Tracking Options

A Practical ERP Software, you can access your core operational tasks and perform them seamlessly. If you are already using any ERP software, you can seamlessly integrate with those systems. This is a curated list of B2B SaaS startups. This list is compiled from multiple sources, and some of the companies might have raised funding(reported & un-reported) from investors other than myself.

Improved Forecasting

IMS improves forecasting accuracy by combining leading-edge data sources and techniques. This includes leveraging the power of big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. IMS uses a patented, comprehensive collection of financial, macroeconomic, and statistical databases and advanced analytical methods. The bottom line, IMS analyzes more data faster from more sources than any other solution on the market today.

2X Sales through 2X Efficient

IMS provides accurate sales forecasts by automatically predicting the demand and supply of products. It keeps track of stock levels and reports all stock-related information to a dashboard. This helps the brand to have quicker product delivery and a clear picture of where it stands with each product, enabling better stock management.

Why Choose Us

Agile is a software development method that emphasizes the flexibility to change requirements, a collaboration between cross-functional teams, and early delivery of software products and system elements. The methodology ensures timely updates of your project to mitigate the testing costs and ensure expected product development.

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We help you secure your information by moving your data to a cloud storage platform. Cloud storage services are a cost-effective way to ensure and safely store your data. Additionally, we've created apps that help integrate data from your existing systems into a cloud platform.


Inventory management software refers to managing your inventory automatically. It also helps in tracking your sales and cost. With automated inventory tracking, you can keep track of how many products you are using and how much you have left, which you can use for cost control. Different types of inventory management software and software are used for managing the inventory of businesses in different ways. Some of the standard lists and the software controls the company's stock.

For online sellers, inventory management software does a lot of things. First and foremost, it creates a complete catalog of your items. You won't need to manually input your products, as it will do all of them. This is good because many online retailers add as many products to their websites as they can. An inventory management system allows you to track the inventory levels of your products so that you can stay supplied with them. This can be especially important if you sell products with a specific shipping delay, and you must ensure you have enough on hand to fill all orders as they come in. Software like this can also help you ensure that you are selling your inventory at the correct price and maximizing your profit margins by tracking how much you pay for the list and how much you sell it.

You need a stock control system if you’re searching for a better way to sell your products or if you have a small business. Stock control software helps reduce stock loss due to theft, employee error, damage, or shrinkage. It increases efficiency, reduces operating costs, and allows you to focus on more worthwhile tasks. A well-managed stock control system can be a great business tool that benefits he company and the employees. For example, most stock inventory management systems give accounting and non-accounting personnel alike easy access to real-time inventory data via the Internet or a dedicated database. This allows you to improve stock control, eliminate waste, and cut inventory costs.

Regarding inventory management software developers, there are three factors that almost always influence the cost of the inventory management software: the number of users, the level of functionality, and whether your company chooses to implement the software via the cloud or on-premise. Costs are influenced by the number of users and functionality required. The more users it will be used by, the higher the price. Also, the level of functionality, the more functionality it needs, the more your company will have to pay. If your company opts to implement the software via the cloud, you will have to pay for the use of the software and for the computing power required to run it. On-premise software is installed on your company's servers, which means your company owns the software entirely.

The inventory management system is a software solution that helps businesses stay on top of their inventory and simultaneously keep a careful check on inventory trends and performance. The system also provides vital stats that allow owners to decide on the shipments and replenishment and prioritize based on customer orders. Usually, any business that deals with a large amount of inventory should be able to utilize the solution to manage the stock more effectively and efficiently. The software solution development can take several months to complete, depending on the requirements, the number of users, and the type of system you would like to implement.

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