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Hospital Management Software Development Services

Improve Efficiency of Healthcare Operations: Our team of skilled developers works on cutting-edge technology to deliver customized and high-end hospital management software. The result is improved efficiency and productivity of healthcare operations in a highly secure and reliable environment.

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Appointmen Management

Patient Management

Laboratory Management

Pharmacy Management


Our Software Features

Doctor Portal

Doctor Portal is a web portal that connects hospitals, medical clinics, and doctors to enable them to run their medical operations more efficiently and effectively. It can join doctors and hospital staff in the right way and place.

X-Ray Scheduling Software

Scheduling software is designed to automate the X-ray scheduling process by providing a web-based interface allowing users to view and schedule X-ray studies. This system features advanced functionality and flexibility, automation, and web-based interfaces.

Radiology Management

A web-based radiology management system was developed to prevent the errors and inefficiencies associated with paper-based charting. PM IT Solution allows you to manage your scheduling, billing, and case-management tasks effectively from a single location.

Pathology Management

With Pathology Management in your hospital, you can organize and share anatomy images and information with your Pathology Professionals, pictures, and news from many other medical and non-medical sources. Whether a pathologist or a medical professional, you can easily access patient imaging for viewing and interpretation and quickly send reports to your referring providers.

Reserve Management

An account management tool for hospitals is designed to manage the entire healthcare system. With PM IT, your facility can create a single, central database for all your patient data. This allows your staff to gain immediate access to all of the information they need to provide consistently and quality care.

Reception Portal

A fully functional online tool for receptionists to secure your hospital and improve work efficiency and patient satisfaction. The reception Portal improves patient registration and check-in process while reducing administration time. Our hospital management software offers a complete solution to the management problems of hospitals.

Information Desk Module

Patient satisfaction and service are essential factors in the success of any hospital. The Information desk module, which can be added to existing hospital management software, allows users to create a central point of contact to handle queries and provide information and assistance to all other departments in the hospital. The users can also create different FAQs and use the information gathered to improve their service through training and feedback.

Bed Management

A complete bed management and room management application designed to manage your entire hospital. The application can manage beds, surgeons and their rooms, and nurses and doctors and their spaces. The application is available in both online and offline modes.

Benefits of working with Us?

We use latest technology for the latest world because we know the demand of peoples.

Data Accessible Anywhere

Doctors and other hospital staff members can access all the information about a patient's care history whenever needed. Hospital management software allows hospitals to store patient data in one location. This data can then be accessed from any computer. Having access to this data is key to making proper decisions in the patient's care.

Take Control of Your Practice

Hospital management software will help you take control of your practice and increase your efficiency so that you can get back to treating patients. So you can easily access and use it to improve your treatment and service. Learn more about this software.


Cloud-based software requires no hardware, meaning there’s no need for IT staff, maintenance, or support. Our software is built for performance, reliability, and security. It’s the most cost-efficient and cost-effective system on the market because it requires no hardware.

Reduced scope for error

Reduce Scope for Errors. With PM IT Solution, you can experience a reduction in medical errors and a lower cost of errors in hospital medical records. Your medical records are secure, backed up in multiple locations, and easily accessible by any authorized user anywhere. You get a consolidated patient record that is always up to date and available, regardless of where the patient or doctor is.

Better patient experience

Our hospital management software makes it easy to manage your hospital and the experience of patients. Our hospital management software is patient-oriented, helping to improve and control the patient experience.

Better staff interactions

Hospital management software helps hospital staff work together efficiently. It improves inter-departmental cooperation and communication by centralizing the organization's data. With this software, you can reduce time spent on administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on patient care.

Improved revenue management

Hospital Revenue Management software can help hospitals improve their three primary revenue sources: patient service, insurance, and government-sponsored programs. Software managers can receive up-to-the-minute financial reports. This allows them to feel they have control over the business's finances.

Workflow Automation

Hospital management software can help hospitals streamline patient check-in, communications, and other business processes, saving time, increasing efficiency, and providing valuable data insights that can reduce costs.

Picture-in-Picture Surveillance

PM IT Solution’s innovative picture-in-picture surveillance software allows security guards to monitor multiple videos feeds simultaneously. This means guards can concentrate on what matters and ignore non-important video feeds.

Why Choose Us

We are facilitating the transition from paper processes to paperless, from analog to digital, from archaic to state-of-the-art technology, from retrospective to predictive, from slow to fast, from local to virtual, from storage to cloud, from one hospital to multi-hospital, from a hospital to clinics, from clinics to ambulatory, from single specialty to multi-specialty, etc. We provide a one-stop solution for all needs and requirements of software development and help our clients achieve the desired results.

Our hospital management software is open to customization. You can build your hospital management solution to suit your business needs. The product is an integrated web-based software for medical management, including Patient Management, Financial Management, Inventory Management, Radiology, etc. The system is entirely web-based, scalable, and easy to manage.

Our services enable us to offer affordable customization for your business. If you want to customize your hospital or clinic management system, we make it easy. You have complete control over your solution with us. This system allows you to maintain your current clientele as you expand your services and gain new patients.

Our hospital software integration solutions have helped fulfill the unique requirements and goals of various hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations. Look at our feature-rich list of custom integrations to see how we can meet your facility's needs.

We provide meaningful products, end-to-end medical software development, telemedicine, healthcare applications, and medical software development services. Our solutions match all healthcare regulations and compliance. We ensure the products we deliver comply with relevant security, privacy, and requirements.

Patient data privacy is one of the essential concerns for healthcare organizations and hospitals. Our security and privacy programs are built to the highest industry standards. All information shared and stored with us is fully encrypted and confidential.


Yes, we offer customized hospital management software development services. We can create a customized software solution to keep all your business processes in place for your hospital, clinic, or nursing home. Our hospital management software development services include a complete design and development of the software, customization of the software for your business, installation of the software, and training your staff.

This is a good question. Healthcare is a tough industry, and it is challenging to find professionals who can understand the intricacies of healthcare. Hiring healthcare app developers is the best option because healthcare app developers from PM IT Solution have expertise in this industry, and they can offer the best healthcare application development services at an affordable price. These healthcare app developers are experts in cloud storage and networking, medical terminologies, and customer engagement. PM IT healthcare apps provide users with important information, such as the location of the nearest hospitals, clinics, specialty units, and physicians, along with the directions to reach these healthcare facilities. Some apps also feature a map, patient rating, and reviews to give the users a better idea of the quality of the facility.

Yes. A demo is the best way to learn more about our software solution. A demo is a virtual tour of the system. It's a way of showcasing the product to potential and current customers. You can take a demo from any software provider or our software solution. A demo is the best way to learn more about our software solution. So drop us an email for a demo.

First, the benefit of hospital management software is that it saves you money. The software can be customized to fit your hospital, so it won't take a lot of training or time to use the system. The software also saves time and effort so that you can focus on more critical tasks. The software can also reduce errors in the hospital because all the information is in one place. It also helps increase security and data integrity. The system can also help hospital managers better communicate with their staff, who can use it to access information and make decisions on the spot.

The cost of hospital management software depends on many different factors. The first factor that comes to mind is the complexity of the software. Complexity is a combination of several factors, including the number of functional requirements, the number of modules, the number of screens, the number of reports, and the number of users. All of these factors will play a role in the overall cost of the project. For example, a small hospital with 20 beds may require a very different type of software than a large hospital with 320 beds. The large hospital will need far more modules, screens, and reports.

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