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ERP Software Development Company. ERP software development company providing a comprehensive range of services in the field of ERP solutions. ERP is Enterprise resource planning software that integrates with other business applications to provide a complete business overview.ERP implementation helps you to solve problems in your business and make your business more effective and successful.


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Our ERP Modules

Finance and Accounting

Outsource your financials to Xero, an accounting provider with a cloud-based accounting software solution and an intuitive interface. With PM IT Solution, you can manage your daily accounting tasks, such as payroll and AP, right from your smartphone. Track your company's spending and analyze your business data in real-time.

Human resources

Data-driven HR Management: HR-on-demand allows you to manage your employees from anywhere. You can ensure that all employees are on the latest HR processes, see who's missing essential deadlines or information, control their time-off requests, and much more.

team management

we have a technical expert team, which has solution for all problems, our qualified testing team double check every work to prevents bugs.

Production management

The software gives you enough information about the needs of your team to ensure that the production schedules are always up to date. In essence, it means you will never be present with a stock of unsaleable goods, and you will be able to schedule your workforce more efficiently.

Sales and marketing

PM IT Solution is a turn-key sales and marketing solution with AI-powered functionality that helps you increase revenue and reduce costs. CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, sales, and customer service are all integrated into a single tool that automatically provides you with prospects' and customers' data, S&OP and sales planning tools, enhanced communication tools, and so on.

Supply chain management

Automated and scalable supply chain management software for all sizes of businesses, from SMEs to large companies. It gives you a centralized view of your inventory and its location. It also provides tracking info for orders. Automates reordering and allows for vendor management, with the ability to change the vendor's status from authorized to not authorized.

Project management

Let's be productive together! No matter how many tools you use for project management, one essential thing that needs to be noticed - is team collaboration! It's always easier to work together in person, but even in the digital world, where you can use Slack, Skype, Zoom, and other tools to communicate and collaborate, there are still some things that can be easy and quick only when you are sitting at the same table.

Simplicity and scalability

Get a quick and clear overview of your projects and tasks. Planning, monitoring, and reporting the work and the assignment of functions can be done quickly and easily via the user-friendly interface. It's the perfect time management tool for small business owners and companies with a lean management team.

Benefits of working with Us?

We use latest technology for the latest world because we know the demand of peoples.

Process Automation

PM IT Solution will help you automate your business processes and introduce the latest technology to your business. The ERP system will allow you to create a unique automated system to meet your needs quickly. The simplified manner in which the business runs Encrypted data and secured Centralized data access to data and files Efficient management of company resources Constant monitoring of business activities Highly organized workflow management.

Keeping All Data in One Location

ERP software helps businesses in multiple ways. First, it allows you to manage all your data in a single location, keeping it consistent and up to date. Second, it offers a centralized view of your business, which helps you make critical decisions more quickly and easily.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gives you the information to make the best decisions: With Capterra ERP, you can access relevant reports to you and your business. No more digging through data; you can access and analyze the information you need to make critical business decisions in seconds.

Customer Service

Cloud-based customer service solutions to increase sales and profitability. Our enterprise planning solutions help sales and customer service employees interact more effectively with customers. A customer relationship management solution increases the overall quality of customer service by streamlining daily tasks.

Enhanced Security

Data security is paramount to any large organization. Many users can access and manage the ERP's resources, each with different roles and responsibilities. An ERP system allows you to be flexible regarding access rights and offer more variety and versatility in security to various user types.

Compliance as a Feature

When your software is developed from the ground up with regulatory compliance in mind, you avoid costly compliance mishaps that can impact daily operations, customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, your bottom line. The system is built with compliance in mind, and the development process ensures that only compliant features and functions make it into the final product.

Why Choose Us

We can buy software with limited use cases. We build powerful automation tools that will help you grow. We spent years developing automation that includes a comprehensive error recovery system. We also ensure you don't have to write any code or create infrastructure to support our software.

Our ERP Development Company is among the most trusted names in the industry. We develop secure and safe ERP solutions for enterprises across the world. We create an end-to-end Solution that takes care of your business needs efficiently, promptly, and seamlessly. The systems are easy to integrate with your infrastructure and can be customized per your requirements. You thus enjoy an extremely high level of data security.

You can engage with our ERP Developers on demand. Our ERP developer's quotes match the market rates, but our rates are lower than the market rates. Moreover, you have the advantage of working with the most reputable ERP software development company with the industry's best developers. We have in-house ERP developers who have carved a niche in custom ERP software development services.

You can avail yourself of highly qualified ERP development services at a meager cost. As we are experts in ERP software development, your ERP development project is taken care of by the industry's most efficient ERP software developers. You can engage with our ERP Developers on demand for the best ERP solution at a competitive price.

Our uncompromised customer-oriented approach encourages us to handle all customer requests in the queue with utmost priority and efficiency. Our technical support can assist you via Live Chat, Remote Desktop, and a Knowledge Base with extensive documentation to help troubleshoot and solve your issues.

We help you achieve your desired results through a well-planned ERP system that not only enhances efficiency but also cuts down on costs. Our ERP software solutions are designed to integrate with your business processes and improve your reporting needs. Thus, we develop customized ERP software solutions for you.


Sure, we can. We are a team of expert web developers and a specialist Fashion designer who has designed a web application for Fashion businesses. The website is a full-fledged ERP for the Fashion industry. It's perfect for small and medium size fashion businesses and has many features to enhance your business.

In simple words, ERP is a management information system used in different business functions, transactions, or processes. It includes the business processes and activities under other functional areas. ERP can monitor the business processes and operations, acquisition, marketing, and management results. The ERP is critical to your business performance, so it is essential to choose the right one. We ask you to help us define our needs because we want to ensure that we don't invest in something we don't need.

It is time to update the software when the existing one is not doing the job you require. Yes, it is time to update the software when your current software is unable to meet your organization's needs or when the application cannot display the organization's clear picture. Therefore, the first step is to identify the current software. If you cannot, you should hire a professional application developer to help you in the software development process.

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