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  • Working Hours: 8hours/day, 5days/week
  • Communication: Skype, Email, Phone
  • Billing: Monthly

Part-Time Hiring

  • Working Hours: 4hours/day, 5days/week
  • Communication: Skype, Email, Phone
  • Billing: Monthly

Hourly Hiring

  • Working Hours: 8hours/day, 5days/week
  • Communication: Skype, Email, Phone
  • Billing: 15 Days

Contractual Hiring

  • Working Hours: 8hours/day, 5days/week
  • Communication: Skype, Email, Phone
  • Billing: Monthly

Dedicated Ruby on Rails Developers to Deliver Your Projects

PM IT Solution is a one-stop shop where you may hire a Ruby on Rails developer if you're looking for the best services in the business. Full-stack RoR developers work on our elite Agile development teams. With our goal-oriented software development services, our full-time Ruby on Rails programmers passionately believes we can add value to your project. Employ our Ruby engineers to enhance your Ruby on Rails application's performance, apply the most incredible RoR gems, and discover the absolute quality of your ROR code.

To deliver the greatest results, our Ruby on Rails engineers follow a logical project development cycle that comprises requirement elicitation, operation analysis, and practice guidelines. By analyzing your current web or mobile applications, we help you uncover difficulties and provide the best solutions for your company. We use a client-centric strategy to deliver top-notch, personalized, team-based, and incredibly user-friendly solutions that can create a quantifiable result.

managed by a specialized, highly skilled Project Manager. You receive daily email updates on the progress of your project. Additionally, You can hire a developer to handle the details of your project. As accessible ways to communicate with your project manager, we provide email or WhatsApp.

Hire Professional SEO Experts or Team

Services for Ruby on Rails Developers

Ruby on Rails simplifies the development of complex, data-driven web applications. Our Ruby on Rails engineers provides a variety of services such as responsive web design and appealing UI/UX for native, cross-platform, and hybrid applications.

Magento Responsive Store

Migration Services for Ruby on Rails

If you wish to move an existing obsolete framework to a modern framework, you must find Ruby on Rails developers. Our skilled Ruby on Rails developers offers migrating services with no data loss.

PSD to Magento Conversion

CMS Development in Ruby on Rails

PM IT Solution is a premier Ruby on Rails Development Company that creates dependable and secure web apps. You must hire our Ruby on Rails programmers who offer clever, hassle-free, and personalized CMS solutions. A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software that allows users to create, edit, collaborate on, publish, and save digital information.

Magento Template Integration

Services for RoR Optimization and Integration

From PM IT Solution, hire Ruby on Rails engineers who are fascinated with creating safe, high-performance RoR projects. We use continuous deployment and integration to preserve the codebase's integrity.

Magento Theme Development & Customization

Solutions built from scratch

Let's plan, develop, and build a one-of-a-kind commercial integrated and prototype solution for your brand. We assist our clients in adopting the RoR framework to accomplish business objectives and keep up with emerging technologies.

Magento migration and upgrading

Group Transform for ROR

It can be quite difficult and unpleasant to switch a development team. Through the use of our well-established processes and procedures, we guarantee that the changeover from your current development team will go smoothly.

Magento Redesign

Committed Team

Possess complete authority over the entire development process. To complete all the tasks you specify promptly, set your goals, and we will put together a team of Ruby on Rails developers according to your specifications.

Magento Multilingual store

Control of audit & support

We look for maintainability and scalability problems in your code and determine the best method to address them. You require software that is effective and scalable to fully realize your business objectives. After project implementation, our team focuses on smooth functioning by providing extensive support and maintenance services.

Third party integration


We alter a program's underlying structure in a way that preserves its logic and behavior while giving the code a professional appearance. The system can scale smoothly and quickly as a result of the code being simpler to comprehend, reuse, and maintain. We can construct the most user-friendly back-ends that are simple to comprehend and use because of our skill and experience in offering top-notch RoR development services.

Magento Maintenance

Cloud Migration and Hosting and Product API Creation

To draw in a broad audience and keep them interested, we produce breathtaking designs for all Ruby on Rails websites and mobile applications. We provide the development of safe websites and applications that are easily transferable to the Cloud and assist you in employing the best Cloud technologies.

Why choose PM IT Solution as your ROR developer?

Our team of skilled Ruby on Rails developers with experience in a variety of technologies is producing excellent results on time. We quickly create models for start-ups by utilizing the technologies and resources provided by the Ruby on Rails platform, a variety of the most cutting-edge development frameworks, a stack of Ruby's security tools, and tried-and-true approaches.

Confidentiality & Security

Use Agile Methodologies

Our Ruby on Rails engineers uses agile approaches to stay on top of maintenance and upkeep and provide an uninterrupted support system. Our expertise in developing technologies and hands-on experience with the most recent tools enable us to deploy even the most complicated projects quickly. We fulfill your requirements while meeting your budgetary limits, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.


Serves Transparency and consistency

PM IT Solution is a software development firm that offers its clients integrity and transparency. We feel that working honestly with no hidden secret is the only way we can give you high-quality services. You won't have to worry about your idea being stolen or shared without your consent because our team will work transparently with you and strictly adhere to deadlines and NDAs.

IP Protection

Our experienced developers

PM IT Solution is India's premier ROR development business. Our group of knowledgeable developers can assist you in creating the app or website of your imagination. Our applications are created using cutting-edge technology to ensure that they perform effectively and work properly.

High Quality Development

Flexible and Transparency working

Transparency is something we take extremely seriously in our projects. This is one of the key values of PM IT Solution, and we strive to be transparent about everything we do on your project. You will most likely have access to project reports and insight into the information that our team needs from you at some point. If you choose us as an option, we have the flexibility for your application development and will complete it within your budget and timetable.

On Time Delivery, Every time

Get a Complimentary Consultation

Among the most popular IT services is PM IT Solution, which provides complimentary web design service, bespoke application development, eCommerce solutions, and software development. Delivering top-tier corporate technologies to our customers has always been a top priority for our team of highly qualified and experienced IT specialists. With our bespoke online apps and software products, we aim to streamline and manage your company processes.

Articulated Documentation

On-Time Delivery and Cost-Effective

Clients can select from a variety of engagement models based on their budget and requirements. We promise that projects will be delivered on schedule and without any single inconsistency or flow thanks to our predictable and fast development procedure.

Seamless User Experience

Simple Network Administration

Our DevOps methods involve keeping configuration scripts in a centralized source repository so that they function similarly to any other software. As a result, we can make changes quickly and without disrupting existing solutions.

Test First Approach

The integrity of the Code

Every step of the journey, there is a laser-like concentration on high-quality code and solutions. For the most efficient solutions, we adhere to pre-determined coding standards, continuous integration, code ownership, automated testing, and other industry best practices.

Single Coding Standard

Plugins and cloud hosting

Cloud compatibility exists for the RoR platform. A variety of Cloud hosting providers and plugins can be fully exploited by specialists using ROR and Ruby Gems.

Why Choose us?

Our relentless quest to achieve perfection keeps us one step ahead of many other service providers in this niche.

Confidentiality & Security

Expert Team

Confidentiality & Security

On Time Delivery

Confidentiality & Security

Cost Effective

Confidentiality & Security

24X7 Support


We believe in delivering great results fast! There isn't any better way to put it, PM IT Solution is all about results. Our Android app developers are ready to take on any challenge that you throw at them. They have experience in developing complex apps for businesses, brands, and consumers alike. This will allow you to get a head start in your business by getting an app up and running..

At Native, We help startups and businesses by creating world-class Android application solutions. We provide Android and iOS app development, web development, and e-commerce solutions that help businesses to thrive. Our solutions are specifically designed to grow businesses, and we work from inception to completion to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the results. We serve clients across the world with our expertise in Android development and other mobile technologies.

Yes, you need to test it. Testing your app or website is not optional. It will show you the areas of your app or website that need improvement. It will also show you where visitors are getting stuck and wasting time, where your visitors are confused and frustrated, which of your features are not used, and so on. If you are satisfied that your app or website is ready, do a final test before you go live. Test on a real device and connect to the Internet to make sure everything works. You can even test the speed of your app or website with a website speed test tool.

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