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Our team has years of experience developing and managing major HR management software products. We have successfully launched multiple HR systems for many Fortune companies. Our expertise includes managing HR software systems, designing and developing new user interfaces, and conducting user experience testing of our products with external clients.

More efficient recruitment process

Automation of Recurring Tasks

Better access to information

Accurate time tracking

Top-Notch and Cost-effective

Workforce Analytics

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Custom HRMS and HRIS solutions are the backbone of a successful HR operation. HRIS/HRMS is a web-based platform that provides all the necessary information to run and manage the company, including attendance management, payroll management, resource scheduling, and time tracking. We can equip you with a complete set of features from data analytics and employee workflow automation.

Employee engagement

SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that drives employee engagement. We develop sophisticated employee engagement platforms oriented at the company’s crucial KPIs. Our solutions can also help companies to evolve their corporate culture. An employee engagement platform based on a sophisticated scoring methodology analyzes hundreds of factors to calculate an individual employee’s engagement level. The platform can also be used to analyze company culture.

Turbo-Charged Team

Recruiting is a costly, time-consuming process. Our digital onboarding solution will make your hiring process more efficient and cost-effective. Our user-friendly solution is ideal for any business that needs to welcome new hires through a single, self-service platform.

Recruiting/talent acquisition

We have a crucial suite of tools that help companies recruit, hire and retain the best possible talent. Our platform can help you set up a profile to attract suitable applicants, invite applicants to apply to your company, and give you an easy way to administer the hiring process. Whether you're looking to automate initial hiring or improve your sales efforts, we have solutions to get the job done. Whether you're looking to automate initial hiring or improve your sales efforts, we have solutions to get the job done.

Efficiency, Transparency, and Control

Our performance management solutions help companies increase efficiency, transparency, and control over their workforce. We are a results-driven company, and our performance management solutions are designed to deliver fast, tangible results for companies and their employees.

Human Capital Management Software

Our software is fully customizable and offers functionality for onboarding tools, training & development, an organization’s most critical performance management, employee self-service, and so much more. Performance management solutions help businesses create a seamless culture for the development of all their employees.

Recruiting tools

That's why we provide powerful tools for simplifying and accelerating the hiring process. We accelerate your hiring by giving you access to hundreds of pre-vetted and ready-to-interview candidates. We guarantee you'll find your perfect hire in 4 days or less.

Payroll services

PM IT Solution has extensive payroll experience for various employees and wage types. Our expert team has been delivering payroll services for over the years. We understand the complexity of payroll and how it can affect your business. We help you in setting up your payroll for a reduced cost. We help you in setting up your payroll for a reduced price.

Benefits of working with Us?

We use latest technology for the latest world because we know the demand of peoples.

Worker location tracking

The location tracking and management system will be beneficial for businesses and enterprises to get an idea about the location of their workers. Also, it will help in tracking their activities.

List of employees at location

Managers can search the employee by name or by, office number, or place. The managers can easily see the employee list with their photos, names, job titles, and current locations. The managers can send direct messages to the employees whenever possible using this facility.

Working on the go

Working on the go has never been easier: The PM IT Solution’s app allows you to find job vacancies in your surroundings and apply for them or even interview directly on the app. You can also find your perfect location and get alerts for tasks that match your skills.

Employee Learning Made Easy

The learning management mobile app helps organizations engage with all employees and gives them a platform to reach out to their employees on the go with their favorite devices. Mobile apps are an excellent source for employee learning and training as they offer engaging content in videos, MCQs, and surveys that the employees can read and share with other members.

Increased Communication

In today's business world, improved communication has become a strategic factor in success. Through MOOCs, employees can learn with each other, share ideas and collaborate on various topics.

Recruitment Made Easy

Each top talent across the world with a recruiting app. You can access the best talent and build your network with a recruiting app. While you can use social media, a recruiting app is much more personal and allows you to connect with the best candidates.

Why Choose Us

Backed by proven AI technology that has assisted thousands of businesses and recruiters, our solution will identify your organization's top sales and recruitment prospects with the ability to drill down further to provide actionable data to support your sales and recruitment campaigns.

Optimize the overall efficiency of your business and its employees. Achieve total control over your employee schedules and activities. Reduce time spent on internal operational processes and provide your employees with high-quality services to increase your business's overall efficiency.

We believe in total transparency with our clients. If things do not go according to plan, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of why. Every project is broken up into tasks assigned and delegated to different people (based on their skills and expertise) and then tracked to completion. We also allow you to put your project on hold and return to it.

With PM IT Solution, you don’t have to worry about code quality or performance. We’ll give you the power to monitor code test coverage, performance, and stability across your apps. Excellent code quality is a critical aspect of software development. The cost of finding and fixing bugs as they develop can be enormous, and the risk of shipping with defects can be disastrous.

We understand your product is your tot, and it needs to be as user-friendly and bug-free as possible. This is why we don't just provide maintenance after the project but also offer you the option of periodic updates. Your product's initial version may be a partial version you will launch to your customers. Once you have some real users, you will get valuable feedback, which will help you tune your product to their needs.

We have developed real estate software solutions across the globe that cater to the demands of different real estate marketplaces. We have crafted a wide range of real estate software solutions for the requirements of private home buyers to the complex development needs of real estate developers.


Human resource management is a huge undertaking and involves many different software packages. HR software can manage employee information, track payroll and benefits, schedule staff, and oversee performance reviews. An HR software system can be purchased in a cloud-based format that allows access from any computer or an on-premise version that is bought, set up, and maintained locally.

This question is easy to answer if we know what kind of HR software you want to build. There is a wide range of HR software products. It could be done in 25 to 30 days if you want to develop some HR software for a small company. But If you're going to build extensive and complex HR software, it could take weeks or months. The critical factor is customization. The more customization, the more time it will take, even if the product is plug & play software. So what should be the development time for HR software? It is easier to answer if you tell us the complexity of the required functionality built into the HR software.

Nowadays, the software is an integral part of every business. HR software has become an essential element of it. It saves time and money by automating tasks, reducing paper use, and improving overall management. The HR department of any company is the backbone of the company and requires HR software to make the work more efficient and effective. There are different types of HR software, such as payroll software, recruitment software, absence management software, and benefits software. You should share your requirements and work with the developers to design and develop your software. After the software development phase, you must provide a Non-disclosure agreement for HR software development to protect your company's interest.

Recruitment is one of the most important jobs performed by an HR organization. If a recruitment procedure is done correctly, it increases the chances of getting the right candidate; if not, it may lead to a bad employee. So, HR software should provide you with the option of creating an application form, a template of interview questions, and uploading a candidate’s resume. A good HR software should also have a feature to send the candidate’s resume to the interviewer. The resume can be sent to everyone who can hire the candidate, not just to one person. A good HR software for recruitment should also have a feature of cross-referencing a candidate’s CV or resume with the one already stored. If a candidate has applied for a job earlier, then the HR software should show him and allow the recruiter to apply.

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