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In today's digital world, more and more clients are looking for school software management company in India and here we got your back. PM IT Solution provides for proper operation and rapid improvement of school efficacy, school management systems require competent ERP software.

School Management Software Development Company
School Management Software Development Company

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School Management Software Development Services

Through our software programme, the entire management of the school is elevated to a new level, and the educational system is enhanced to its core. As a result, it removes the time-consuming duties of data generation through administration.

School Management System Software is an integrated system that was created to make the work of school administrators easier. The school management system software has evolved into a dynamic online community that brings together instructors, parents, and students on a single interactive platform.

We develop a strong Online school management software that provides you with top-of-the-line capabilities that will make school administration a breeze.

From online admissions through daily attendance, homework assignments, assessments, examination management, timetable management, financial and payroll management, and library administration, we've got you covered.

Our School Management Software Development Services

Account Management

Every school needs to keep track of its finances. It can be a difficult task to keep updated for every single penny. But with the proper software, you can do it quickly and securely. At the same time, you can make your accounts simple and easy to understand with the help of up-to-date account reports.

Reliable Infrastructure

No matter how big or small, reliable infrastructure is a necessity. We have built our platform with a rock-solid infrastructure, including 24/7 Support, lightning-fast servers, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Admission Procedure

School software makes it possible to know the admission schedule of the concerned school. This is handy since knowing the program allows the parents to plan their day accordingly. It also increases the chances of getting admission for the child, considering the availability of slots.

School Data Management

Our software handles school day management. The size of the school day is recorded in the student management system. The length of the school day is recorded based on the number of students using the school management system.

Maintain Data Privacy and Security

With your Student Information Management Software (SIMS), you can create a safe and secure environment to manage student data, exam results, and information. By implementing a SIMS, you can centralize all data in a single location and make sure it is structured and organized.

School Administration

Maintain Data Privacy and Security. The SIMS software is a perfect solution for schools to maintain data security and privacy. With the software allows users to create a safe and secure environment to manage student data and exams.

The Quality Control Process of Custom CRM Development Services

programmers and developers

We are the ideal mix of programmers and developers. We've created a variety of web and desktop-based school ERP software that's advantageous to students, instructors, and administrators.

To achieve the greatest potential outcome while maintaining its uniqueness and robustness, Hire a school management software developer that will take care of all of the details from beginning to end.

high-quality school management

We create a high-quality school management module that includes Finance, Administration, School Management, Parent Portal, Certificates, Time Tables, and other ERP school management modules.

powerful school management software

We provide you with a powerful school management software system that meets all of your needs. These powerful systems with open-source code provide consumers with a simple management approach that includes more thorough details.

school management software developers

Our school management software developers strive to create the best functionality and unique school management software for kids, parents, and instructors in order to simplify everyday activities and eliminate repeated tasks.


Why Choose Us

Customized to cater to the specific requirements of your school to improve your operations, streamline your processes, and enhance your overall experience. When it comes to the development of school management software, there are several aspects that you must take care of and consider. You cannot afford to make errors while designing a software solution for your school or educational institute.

With more than 90 data security incidents reported in educational institutions, the government has taken strict measures to track down data security threats and protect the confidential data of teachers, students, and organizations. Our comprehensive security platform - Ignis, will help educational institutes to monitor the personal data of educational institutes.

Smart E-Learning Solutions, a PM IT Solutions division, is an expert in the training industry. We provide the best e-learning solutions that are customer friendly and enhance the learning experience. The team of professionals from our side is experienced, and their knowledge is vast.

An experienced team of IT professionals created scalable Education. We offer our clients a wide range of Scalable Education services to manage the entire school administration. We have built a big platform to help you maintain a complete record of all the students and their academic and non-academic activities.

At PM IT Solution, we use our expertise to create school management software at the best price. This school software can be customized to meet the unique needs of your school. It will reduce your administrative costs and save you time. We will also provide you with all the training you need to make your school software work.

PM IT Solution is an IT solution provider for schools, colleges, and other academic institutes. Our team focuses on projects for the smooth functioning of schools. We develop software for schools which are beneficial for them and also for other educational institutes.


Yes. We are an IT company with more than five years of experience in the field and have won several prestigious clients. We have developed and deployed several school management systems with features like attendance management. We can create a school management app for you and deploy it.

Well, it all depends on the features of the software which you want in your school management software. If you're going to develop a small-sized school management software with few components, you may get it designed and set up within two weeks, but if you want to build a large-sized school management software with advanced features, it may take 45 days to 2 months.

School management applications are a digital means of storing and sharing information about the activities of a school for increased efficiency and ease of use. Creating a practical application requires the same steps in building almost any other software. The first step is to develop the information architecture and design the overall user experience. Once that is complete, the software must be designed and programmed. The completed software is then launched and repeatedly tested to ensure that all of the software's features are working smoothly.

The school management has a lot of processes, and each one has to be handled separately. The website development will require many changes due to the nature of the business. If a new approach is incorporated into the school management, the web developer will have to make changes to the website, and that process may or may not be on their priority list. App development is the best option for school management, as you can add new features and functions by modifying the app directly.

It depends on what kind of app you are trying to build. An app for a school will be different from that for an individual. The cost of developing an app for your school may be high, mainly when considering the cost of design, coding, and research. These factors must be regarded as if you have a big institution or business that requires a mobile app for managerial work. Getting these factors suitable for the app to function correctly is essential. The app must be designed in such a way that it is user-friendly, and if customer support is needed to answer any queries, then these answers must be provided within 24 hours.

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