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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Game like Ludo?

We all know how difficult it is to create a complex game like Ludo and how much the cost depends on a variety of criteria, the most important of which is the game’s intricacy.

Ludo is the most widely played and oldest game in the world. On mobile or PC, anyone can play this game for free.

Do you know what is the Ludo Game all about?

Ludo is an intelligence-based board game for two or more players in which players race from start to finish among their four tokens based on single dice throws. Ludo games are played in many different nations and have many distinct versions.

The initial major colours in the traditional Ludo game were Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue. Each participant receives four tokens and is allocated a colour. The game board is square in shape and has diagonal shapes. Without any pairings, two, three or four people can play.

It is important to decide which platform you want to develop the game app on first. Android, iOS, and Windows are the most popular and favoured platforms for game production. Unity is the greatest and most cost-effective game engine for creating games like Ludo.

Our Ludo game development company uses a game engine like Unity which gives you a solid foundation on which to build your next 3D game for a variety of platforms.

Another factor we consider when creating a Ludo app is graphical design. Any game benefits from a visually appealing interface design. 2D games are less popular than 3D games, therefore if you want to create a 3D version of Ludo, you’ll need a 3D designer. A 3D designer is substantially more expensive than a 2D designer. It will also affect your costs and output.

It entails several procedures before creating or designing a game. This phase also has an impact on the rising costs of game production, such as the Mobile Operating System or Platform selection.

Various designs and characters are utilised in the interface Complexities involved in the game’s creation.

Following the production of a game, testing is a significant component that might affect the price of the game. Ludo games come in a variety of genres, all of which are highly popular nowadays. The cost of developing a game will vary depending on the needs and features specified by the administrator.

Ludo game development cost is little (starting at) 2 lakh. A minimum of 2 to 4 months is necessary for the construction of a rich Ludo game.

If you want a Ludo app with all the essential features and support for multiple platforms, expect to pay at least Rs 1 lakh for ready-to-go live game software that can be delivered and launched within a week and includes free future game updates, hosting and 24×7 technical support and maintenance.

Few game producers offer clients peace of mind by providing ready-made, tried-and-true Ludo game software with hosting, 24×7 technical support, maintenance, and free lifetime updates. The game makers like us are clearly ahead of the pack and dominate the gaming industry.

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