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multigaming platform

Mobile multigaming accounts for over half of the gaming market. This is not a stunning fact, as not everyone owns a PlayStation, Xbox, or PC/Laptop, but in today’s society, everyone owns a Smartphone. Smartphones have become a basic requirement in our lives, and the industry has risen to prominence as a result. Whether you make Smartphones or develop apps for them, the sector is thriving and shows no signs of slowing down.

Hundreds of games are available on the app store. You can’t possibly play all of the games in your lifetime. Who, on the other hand, wants to play all of the games? We want to play the most addictive games. Fun games that can help us unwind.

What is a Multigaming Platform?

A multigaming platform is akin to a mall, or a gaming mall/arcade. You can play a variety of games with your family or friends, or even strangers, and win. 

A mobile game app like MPL provides a variety of games that you can play on your smartphone by just installing a single app. You can then choose your favourite game and play it against online gamers for real money. The ability to make real money by playing games is similar to ordering gold and receiving a diamond.

Changes in the globe or sector can make or break a person or company. Those who can make use of the shift can expect to be amazed, while those who try to fight it or ignore it are doomed to fail. 

What is MPL (Mobile Premier League) app?

MPL (Mobile Premier League), Hago, and Winzo are revolutionary multi-gaming systems of the future. The snake and ladder game on the Nokia phone launched the mobile gaming boom, and later there were free and paid games that you could play on your smartphones.

Companies made a lot of money from in-app purchases in free-to-download games. Now, the revolution has struck the mobile gaming industry once more, this time bringing multigaming platforms with it. If you want to break into this business, a multi-gaming platform like MPL, Paytm First Games, Hago, or WinZo is the ideal method to get started.

Which games should be included to develop a multigaming platform like MPL (Mobile Premier League)?

The increase in the number of games will definitely increase the fun too. Try to provide as many games as you can so that the users can enjoy all the games that they want in the multigaming app. 

Examples of some popular games are as follows:

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Luda
  3. Rummy
  4. Poker
  5. Carrom Board
  6. Chess
  7. Fantasy games
  8. Puzzle
  9. Shooting games
  10. Football

Different features are what make an app interesting. Without advanced and unique features, your business cannot survive in the competition. There are some basic features that your app must have.

Features of Multigaming Platform App Like MPL (Mobile Premier League)

Awe-inspiring UI/UX

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the first impression is the last impression.” This isn’t always the case, but it certainly is when it comes to apps and games.The Cash-Coin System

Because the idea behind multigaming applications is that players would play for real money, it’s only reasonable that there should be a coin-cash system.Payment Integration that is Simple and Secure

If your coin-cash system is smooth and straightforward, but cash withdrawals are as difficult as running a 10-mile marathon, it will provide the wrong impression.Detailed Game Rules

The path to success is paved with simplicity. You’re not designing games for scientists, so keep things simple. The best game is one that is simple to learn yet requires effort and expertise to master.

Chat Options

There is no fun in playing if you cannot talk to other players. It will give the users the feeling that they are playing with a computer. Talking is the reason why we play multiplayer games. 

Cause the e-gaming experience to feel invigorated by adding live text and video talk highlights in your multi-gaming stage application.

Most genuine cash games have these elements, and consequently, your application ought to likewise have them. 

These elements upgrade the gaming experience. These highlights have been generally acknowledged and adored by the players. This will build your improvement cost, yet these highlights are worth the effort.

Refer and Play Together

Everything is more enjoyable when you do it with your loved ones. You ought to add the element to add companions so that when the players need to mess around with their loved ones, they can do as such.

Another advantage is the informal exchange promotion. Individuals need to live it up with their nearby ones, and consequently assuming they like your application, they will advise their loved ones to introduce your application so they can play together. Along these lines, your client base will/increment, and thus will your income. You can likewise utilise reference codes and reference prizes to develop your client base.

How to make an app like MPL?

If you want to develop a perfect app that can stand out from the competition, you have to hire some professionals for this task. 

Backend team requirements for an app like MPL, Hago or Winzo are the following features:

  1. Android Developer
  2. iOS Developer
  3. Back-end Developer
  4. Project Manager
  5. Business Analyst
  6. QA Engineer
  7. UI/UX Designer

Technologies required for developing an app like MPL:

  1. Flutter for Android & iOS App Development
  2. Construct 3 for Game Development
  3. Node.js for Back-end Development
  4. AWS or Azure for Cloud
  5. SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for Database
  6. Azure Stream Analytics for Real-time analytics
  7. WebRTC for real-time communication
  8. Google Cloud Messaging and Apple push notifications service 
  9. Payment Integration
  10. SMS Gateway

You can also pass on this work to an application developing company and hence you can get an application like MPL, Hago and Winzo created by talented and experienced engineers. 

This will remove the advancement work from your shoulders and thusly you can zero in on other significant things while your application is being created by the best application improvement organisation.

How much does it cost to develop an app like MPL and Hago?

Fostering a game application like MPL and Hago will cost around $50,000 to $60,000 for a solitary Android or iOS stage with fundamental functionalities. 

Also, if you need to create an application like MPL with every one of the high-level elements and backing various versatile stages will cost up to $100,000.

Many variables become an integral factor while assessing the expense to construct a multigaming stage application like MPL, Hago, and Winzo, similar to the number of games, the highlights, customisation of the UI, etc. 

To get a precise gauge for fostering the best multigaming stage application like MPL, Hago, and Winzo, ensure that you pick a specialist and talented versatile application improvement company.

How much does it take time to develop the MPL app?

Creating MPL and Hago Game App will take time about 20 Weeks.

The time will likewise build as long as 30 weeks, as indicated by prerequisites, elements, and stage similarity for MPL, Hago, and Winzo games.

Top 5 MPL Alternative Apps

Here are the top 5 alternative game apps like MPL which also offers real money on the winning game:

  1. Paytm games
  2. Hago
  3. WinZo
  4. PhonePe Games
  5. Qureka

Who can develop an app for you?

In all honesty, not all portable application developing companies can assist you with fostering an application like HAGO, WinZO, MPL and Loco. 

A couple of improvement organisations that have long stretches of involvement with the gaming enterprises and have created games for the clients in past can be helpful. We are one of them and you can place trust in our abilities and expert engineers.

Still, befuddled about fostering a gaming application? Make it a point to get in touch with our outreach group today. Allow our designers to construct a dazzling and clients’ cherishing multi-gaming application.


At PM IT Solution, we are conspicuous and energetic about making mobile game applications. Out of no big surprise, we have given our involvement with making large numbers of the previously referenced games exclusively and we are pleased that every one of them is doing great in the gaming market. Our clients are glad to pick us for upgrading their affectiondemo for the gaming business.

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