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Online Ludo Gaming App Business

Do you remember how much fun it was to play the Ludo game with your family? Because of this, it’s also known as a family game. The game’s modern version is pay-per-view. The game has a cross-platform multiplayer mode that works on Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Another magnetic element of this outstanding game is its ability to be played offline with local multiplayer and computers. The game’s style and overall happy-go-lucky vibe are fascinating to experience.

Ludo Game Facts and Market Overview 

  1. The Ludo game app has consistently ranked in the top five most popular free-time games, with Rummy game, Teen Patti game, and Poker game. The gaming app’s net worth was over $285 million in 2020, and the trend continues this year. 
  2. The program garnered 4.5-star reviews in a relatively short time following its launch. 
  3. The game’s multiplayer gameplay modes, as well as its UI and UX interface and design, make it a popular choice among family and friends.
  4. Ludo made a $20 million profit in 2020. Ludo is the first game app in India to reach 500 million downloads by December 2020. 
  5. Advertising accounts for 70% of the company’s revenue, with in-app purchases accounting for 30%. With increased in-app purchases and new features, the company hopes to surpass $100 million this year. In-app transactions are significantly more common in nations like Australia and Singapore than in India, where the typical user spends $3-4 on in-app purchases.
  6. Although the firm owns other games, Ludo remains the company’s flagship product. The game is accessible in 14 languages and played in 30 countries. 

What Makes A Mobile Game Application Like Ludo Game Profitable? 

The first concern that every business owner who invests a considerable amount of time and money in developing a gaming application has is how the app will make money.

A model with a Fixed Percentage

Under this concept, the administrator assigns a percentage to each mobile game being played and can change it later based on the participants’ preferences. You can generate the result for the money invested in this approach.

Model of Ad Management 

Third-party adverts are a popular way to make money. As a result, the administrator must maintain a consistent flow of adverts to ensure that the brand generates sufficient revenue from third-party websites or platforms. 

Model of Earning and Referring

If the administrator maintains a function that allows you to refer the game to other users, it is possible that more people will get interested in it. The marketing plan can be implemented depending on the administrator’s chosen marketing model. This behavior can also track depending on the user management and server traffic.

In-App Purchases Model

This is one of the most profitable ways to profit from gaming mobile application. The player can purchase credits or points to improve their profile. The administrator can also integrate e-commerce features into the app to encourage additional in-app purchases. 

How to Develop A Ludo Application?

Exercises Before Ludo App Development

The main advance before any application is the documentation of the idea or thought. It ought to finish and done preceding the improvement stage. When the plan of the game is done, project arranging is finished.

Application Like Ludo Development Phase

When the exercises preceding the advancement stage are finished, there comes the stage when genuine improvement starts. Under this stage, writing computer programs is executed and finished, good visuals are made, and different quality checks are led.

Exercises Post Ludo Clone App Development

Under this progression, we think about such exercises, including backing, support, client care, etc. These exercises fall under this progression.

Ludo App Development Cost

  1. The Ludo game development cost straightforwardly relies on the number of elements added to the application. For instance, assuming that the plan is direct and basic, the advancement cost would be lesser and the other way around.
  2. It is challenging to portray an unequivocal figure as it is not set in stone except for you finishing your engineering and examining all of your task necessities. 
  3. It is fundamental to frame the essentials against time and tries that will put resources into the period of advancement before evaluating the expense. If the engineers and developers you have recruited are capable and talented, the Ludo game advancement cost will increase as needed.

Ludo Game Development Cost Factors

  • Size of the application 
  • Level of UI 
  • Information exchange choices and client accounts 
  • Social commitment 
  • Client administrator pages
  • Radio
  • Utilisation examination
  • CMS Integration
  • Execution Monitoring
  • Multilingual Support

These elements are vital in choosing the number of assets to put resources into your game application, like Ludo. We should view the typical application like Ludo improvement cost in pointers to build your application. To choose the Ludo application cost, the improvement accomplice likewise assumes an essential part. Assuming you are picking the best game application advancement organization with monstrous involvement in conveying excellent gaming arrangements, then, at that point, the venture’s expense will increment clearly.

Ludo App Development Features

Easy-to-use Interface

The easy-to-use interface assists developers with learning and utilizing the stage really and rapidly. The connection point is create, so the clients face no trouble or obstacle while utilizing the application. Engineers should use the most recent parts and conform to various UI rules. Originators need to make eye-getting 3D pictures to draw in clients for a more extended timeframe to offer a decisive encounter. This calls for appropriate investment and examination.

Cross Functionality

Ludo game improvement code is utilized with numerous working frameworks for executing similar code of a few stages and sending off the result in a limited capacity to focus time on similar functionalities. You should consider building a cross-stage application for major working frameworks.

Earn And Play With Friends

For any gaming application to find success over the long haul, it is vital to transform its players into steadfast gamers and draw in them however much you can. Give admittance to them to prescribe the game to their loved ones and give them extra focus.


Ludo offers both single and multiplayer choices to gamers. It gives an open door to gamers to play the game with their loved ones.

Live Text and Video Chat

To upgrade the client experience, live text, and video elements can be incorporated into the Ludo game development. This allows an opportunity for the clients to communicate among themselves.

Welcome Friends

Users can make a room and send the code to their companions so they can join practically without impediment. The code is sent through different online entertainment stages, including Facebook and WhatsApp, straightforwardly to the users.

Numerous Languages

The game isn’t only famous in that frame of mind but all over the planet. As the game is played worldwide, it accompanies a choice of bilingual language with the goal that regardless of where you are and what language you get, you can undoubtedly partake in the game in your language.

Continuous Chat Support

While playing the game, clients can visit each other live. This element has empowered the clients to associate among themselves and play the game while making different systems.


If you are looking for a company to foster a robust gaming application like Ludo and have arrived at this article, then, at that point, think about what you have stirred up around the town spot. 

PM IT Solution is a notable Ludo game development company that isn’t simply restricted to game turn of events yet spent significant time dealing with your business needs like showcasing.

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