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While building a business, you need to know the tools to help you reach your target. MLM Software is one of the essential tools to simplify your job by automating multiple tasks. To make a perfect choice, it is necessary to know the features and benefits of the different MLM software available in the market.


Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model in which companies distribute products or services through a network of independent distributors. These distributors can then recruit new distributors, creating a pyramid-like structure. The company benefits from the sales of its products or services and the commissions earned by the distributors.

MLM has been criticized for being a potential pyramid scheme and for having high fees and commissions. However, many companies and distributors have succeeded with MLM, which has become a popular way to sell products and services.


One of the most important things you can do when starting an MLM business is to create a website. Your website is your online home base where you can attract new leads and customers, and it’s an excellent platform for promoting your products and services.

There are many benefits to having a website, including the following: 

  • It gives you a professional online presence
  • It allows you to reach a wider audience
  • It’s an excellent platform for promoting your products and services
  • It can help you generate leads and sales
  • It can help you build a list of subscribers
  • It can help you build relationships with customers and prospects

Creating a website is one of the best things you can do to grow your MLM business. It’s essential to building a successful business in the modern world.

What is Mobile MLM software?

Mobile MLM software is specialized software designed to help MLM businesses run more efficiently. It can automate many tasks in running an MLM business, including lead management, customer relationship management, and commission calculations.

Mobile MLM software is a tool that MLM companies can use to manage their business operations. This software is designed to help MLM companies keep track of their sales, commissions, and downline members. It also allows MLM companies to manage their customer relationships and track their leads. Mobile MLM software is a valuable tool for companies that want to manage their business operations while on the go.

A Mobile MLM software? Here Are The Benefits!

Mobile MLM software can be a massive advantage if you’re running an MLM business. You can manage your business on the go, track your sales and commissions, and much more. Here are some of the benefits of having mobile MLM software:

-You can manage your business on the go: With mobile MLM software, you can manage your business from anywhere. This means you can keep track of your sales, commissions, and more while you’re on the go. Designed to take advantage of 99% of internet connections. You can almost always access your team and client information.

-You can track your sales and commissions: With mobile MLM software, you can see how much sales and commissions you’re making in real time. This means you can track your progress and see how your business is doing.

-You can stay organized: With mobile MLM software, you can track all your contacts, leads, and customers in one place. This means you can always know who to follow up with and whom to contact.

-You can save time: With mobile MLM software, you can automate many tasks that you would otherwise have to do manually. This means you can save a lot of time and energy, which can be better spent on other aspects of your business.

Seamless Integration – If your firm is already running on some software, in case you are taking payments online. You’d like to get this information into your MLM program but aren’t sure. You’d also like to see revenue from your downline getting tracked in your business software.

Why Does Network Marketing Business Needs MLM Software Mobile App?

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular and essential in our society. They provide a convenient way for users to access information and perform tasks on the go. For network marketing businesses, a mobile app can be a valuable tool for keeping in touch with customers and distributors, managing inventory and orders, and providing training and support.

A mobile app can give customers a quick and easy way to place orders, check prices, and find product information. Distributors can use the app to check their account balances, view their order history, and find contact information for their upline. The app can also provide training materials and support information for recruits.

A mobile app can be a valuable asset for any network marketing business. It can help to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. It can also help build distributor relationships and provide convenient access to critical information.

10 Steps to Building a Mobile MLM Software

Developing a mobile MLM software in 10 steps is easier than it may seem. Following these simple steps, the software can be up and running quickly.

  1. Choose the right platform. Many different platforms are available, so choosing the right one for your business is essential.
  2. Find a reputable development company. This is one of the most critical steps, as you want to ensure that your chosen company is reputable and has a good track record.
  3. Discuss your needs with the development company. Once you have chosen a company, you need to discuss your specific requirements with them. This will help them understand what you are looking for and how they can best meet your needs.
  4. Get a quotation. Once you have discussed your needs, the development company will be able to provide you with a quote for the work.
  5. Select the features you want. One of the benefits of mobile MLM software is that you can select the features you want. This means that you can tailor the software to your specific needs.
  6. Develop the software. This is where the development company will develop the software according to your specifications.
  7. Test the software. Once the software has been developed, it is essential to test it to ensure it works correctly.
  8. Launch the software. Once the software has been developed and tested, it is time to launch it.
  9. Promote the software. Once the software is launched, it is essential to promote it so that people can be aware of it and start using it.
  10. Support the software. Once the software is up and running, it is essential to provide support so that users can get help if they need it.

The advantages of mobile MLM software for growth

There are many features of mobile MLM software that can help to boost the growth of a business. One feature is the ability to track and manage leads. This can help ensure that salespeople follow up with potential customers promptly. Another feature is the ability to manage commissions. This helps ensure that salespeople are being paid fairly for their efforts. Additionally, mobile MLM software can provide tools for managing customer relationships. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Here are 20 features of mobile MLM software that will help you achieve success:

  1. Remote management – With mobile MLM software, you can manage your business from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.
  2. Sales tracking – Keep an eye on your sales figures and track your team’s performance.
  3. Customer communication – Stay in touch with your customers via phone, email, or chat.
  4. Lead capture – Capture leads from your website or social media channels.
  5. Contact management – Stay organized and manage your contacts with ease.
  6. Calendar and task management – Stay on top of your schedule and easily manage your tasks.
  7. Document management – Access and share documents from your mobile device.
  8. Reporting – Generate reports to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  9. Team management – Add and manage team members, and track their performance.
  10. Commission tracking – Track your commissions and payments.
  11. E-commerce – Sell products and services online.
  12. Shopping cart – Add a shopping cart to your website to sell products and services.
  13. Payment gateway – Accept payments online.
  14. Subscription management – Manage subscriptions and recurring payments.
  15. Client portal – Give your clients access to their account information.
  16. Support ticketing – Stay on top of customer support requests.
  17. Live chat – Offer live chat support to your website visitors.
  18. Social media – Integrate with social media platforms to reach more customers.
  19. SEO – Optimize your website for better search engine visibility.
  20. Analytics – Track your website traffic and performance.

How long does the development of MLM software take?

MLM software development can take considerable time, depending on the system’s complexity. For a simple design, the development time can be as short as a few weeks. However, the development time can be several months or even longer for a more complex system. The development time also depends on the experience and expertise of the development team. A team with more experience and knowledge can usually develop a plan faster than a team with less experience.


The 2020s are shaping to be an exciting decade for MLM software development. The industry is rapidly evolving, and new trends are constantly emerging. Here are some of the most exciting trends to watch out for in the coming years:

  1. Increased automation: MLM software is becoming increasingly automated, making it easier and faster for companies to manage their operations.
  2. Improved data management: With the increasing amount of data generated by MLM companies, software developers are working on better managing and analyzing this data.
  3. Greater focus on customer experience: MLM software developers focus more on creating a great customer experience as the industry becomes more competitive.
  4. More mobile-friendly solutions: MLM software developers are creating more optimized mobile solutions with the growing popularity of mobile devices.
  5. Increased integration with other business systems: Being integrated with other business systems more and more, such as CRM and ERP systems.

These are just a few trends shaping MLM software development in the 2020s. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the industry, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

How Can PM IT Solution Help You to develop MLM Software?

PM IT Solution is a leading provider of MLM software development services. We have a team of experienced developers who can help you to develop a custom solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Our MLM software development services include the development of custom MLM software solutions, integrating MLM software with third-party applications, and developing MLM websites. We also offer a wide range of other software development services, including the development of custom CRM software solutions, ERP software solutions, and e-commerce solutions.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced provider of MLM software development services, then please contact us today. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements and provide you with a free quotation.

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